Once we've approved your Sci-Fi / Fantasy content, we'll activate your free membership and queue your digital  eBook for automatic delivery to our base of readers. Each week, our readers receive new material from our website (in Mobi, ePub, or PDF format) and read it at no cost to them. We're careful not to bombard our readers with too many titles, too often. We let them settle in with your story and give it a quality read. If you've done your job, they'll want to read more of your work. That means they'll visit your website and your author page on Amazon to purchase some or all of your other titles.

This is a free service for member readers and member authors alike. So don't delay, promo slots are limited. Sign up today to reserve your free membership as a BookBreeze Author.

What type of free content do we promote for you?

A short story, novella, or full length novel. It can be any length as long as the content is quality Sci-Fi / Fantasy work. Readers are expecting to read tantalizing stories that have been professionally written, edited and formatted. Some authors provide us with a short story they've written just for this service, while others provide us with a free copy of one of their books available on Amazon or elsewhere. As long as it's quality Sci-Fi or Fantasy work, we'll gladly promote it for you to our readership. We donít accept work that hasnít been professionally written and edited, or stories that aren't Sci-Fi or Fantasy. Youíll also need a dynamite cover to go along with your free content.

To remain a Member Author in good standing, you'll need to promote BookBreeze to your fans through mentions on your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and to your email list. BookBreeze only works if all member authors pull together and cross-promote BookBreeze. It's how we acquire new readers and drive traffic for all member authors. Without a cross-promotion effort, we would have to charge authors a recurring fee to remain a member.

NOTE: We reserve the right to remove a member author and related content if author fails to live up to the cross-promotion requirement.

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