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BookBreeze streams a digital copy of a new Sci-Fi / Fantasy eBook every week to hungry readers looking to
discover new authors and amazing stories. We put your best work in front of readers who actually want to read it,
possibly review it, and ultimately buy your other titles. Delivering free content gives you a chance to show
prospective fans what you can do and draw them into your fold. Once that happens, your other titles will fly off
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The purpose of this service is to connect member authors with member readers by delivering a copy of your
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this happen, we need awesome free or exclusive content to share with our ever-growing database of starving
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So stop waiting and sign up now. It's time to join the BookBreeze revolution: Where Authors Promote Authors.
Promo space is limited. All we need is a digital copy of your eBook to promote and we'll do the rest. All we ask in
return is that you help promote this site to your fan base by posting a BookBreeze mention on your website,
Facebook page, Twitter account, and to you email list. If you do that, we'll promote your free content to our
member readers at no cost to you. How simple is that? It works if we all pull together and promote each other.