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BookBreeze is an eBook delivery and promotion service connecting readers and Sci-Fi / Fantasy authors. After a reader joins, we'll send an email every week or so spotlighting a new author and including a copy of a hand-picked eBook for their reading pleasure.

Our member authors have agreed to provide readers with amazing free eBooks from their private collection of stories at no cost or obligation. Readers are allowed to read as many of the BookBreeze provided stories as they'd like, never paying a penny for any story we send them. Of course, our authors would like readers will check out their other books and give them a read as well.

From time to time, our member authors will need advanced test readers for an upcoming book. A test reader, also called a "beta reader," is extremely important to the success of a new book. How does this work? Simple, really. An author sends a free copy of the new book and asks for critical feedback and suggestions to help improve the story before its released.
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